joanne about pageJoanne Lang is an Entrepreneur and the mom of four boys (and a girl labradoodle:)

Joanne has had an interesting and varied career working with both large enterprise corporations and multiple successful start-ups.

Just prior to founding and exiting a recent start up,  Joanne worked for SAP on innovation teams and their original cloud strategy team.

After exiting and wanting to help others to minimize that early founder risk she founded Colliders.org, one of the few pre-accelerators with investment in very early start-up companies in the US.

In addition to working on her two new start ups, Joanne loves being a mom and spends most of her free time with her four boys. She and her family enjoy traveling, reading, snowboarding, and horseback riding, and she tries to run 5K races on a regular basis. Joanne also teaches at TechGirlz and is a member of the PTO board for two schools. When she can, she volunteers for a variety of organizations, a favorite being Thorncroft. She’s very proud  that she’s one of the few women in the UK to have received the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award.

Joanne  is committed to promoting and supporting other local businesses and products as well as sharing information that will make life easier for other women by saving them time or money.