Family Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings

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This week was supposed to be spring break and a vacation in Ocean City. Sadly we had to cancel, so as a special treat after working hard and doing endless laundry, I asked the boys to take me for a surprise late lunch. They chose a restaurant called Buffalo Wild Wings, (Quarry Road in Downington, PA). As […]

Breaking Free From Fear of Failure

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As a start-up founder, I’ve come to expect new and interesting experiences on a regular basis. It’s part of what makes being an entrepreneur so exciting. Not long ago, James Logan, Program Director for the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry, asked me to be the keynote speaker at their Annual Small Business Dinner. […]

Five Lessons I’ve Learned About Funding

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It’s been an amazing journey to get AboutOne where it is today. Through the process of developing an award winning app and raising an over-subscribed Series A with lead investors Golden Seeds, I’ve navigated quite a few hurdles and learned many lessons while juggling my roles as tech start up founder and mom to my […]