Acknowledgement: the Surprise from i2n

i2n Logo

Acknowledgement is the action of expressing or displaying gratitude or appreciation for something. This week, completely out of the blue, I learned that I’d won an award! i2n, the Ideas x Innovation Network, reached out to surprise me with the news. There was a gift of $225.00 attached to the prize, but it might as well […]

Board of Directors or Advisory Board: Do You Know the Difference?

Board of Directors or Advisory Board

I enjoy being able to give insight about things I have learned along the way. Recently I was asked a great question on Regions Business for my Startup Diary column: “What is a good balance between one-on-one versus advisory group meetings? What is a reasonable expectation to ask in terms of a commitment? Is there […]

Father’s Day at Christopher’s – A Neighborhood Place

Christophers - A Neighborhood Place

This weekend was Father’s Day and to celebrate our family decided to try Christopher’s – A Neighborhood Place. This is a new restaurant that opened up in our neighborhood. We enjoy visiting, shopping, or dining at local businesses and restaurants. It puts our money right back into our own community and it helps creates relationships […]