Mum of Boys Humor

Mum of boys: you must have a sense of humor

Today I laughed and laughed about a blog post I came across with ten helpful prerequisites to being a mum of boys. I laughed at all 10 because this is my life, I know them all. Funnier still is that this blog is called Fighting Off Frumpy. My favorite part of Rita’s About Me post […]

I Talked to Fast Company About Overcoming Failure

Joanne Lang: How To Overcome Failure

One of the greatest lessons I ever learned was overcoming failure. It’s no secret that I’m a first-time entrepreneur. I had to learn quickly, and the hard way, that what people term ‘failing’ has to be considered learning, and you need to embrace it. I also had to learn that if you are not feeling […]

Working With GPSEG

Working With GPSEG

I have enjoyed being connected and working with GPSEG (Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group) . For those of you not familiar with this group, here is their mission statement as shared on their website: “GPSEG is a non-profit professional association of senior-level executives committed to the exchange of business contacts and ideas in a spirit […]