69 Days


The last 69 days have taught me a life lesson. Being an entrepreneur is hard and founding a company can be all consuming. Being a mom AND an entrepreneur means constant feelings of guilt and failure, but 69 days ago I started to see things differently. 69 days ago my children’s 16-year-old babysitter Nora had […]

Family Lunch at Captain’s Galley and Fish Tales

Captain's Galley II

Over Memorial Day weekend, our family went to Ocean City, Maryland for the first time. On the beach, we asked the locals what restaurants they’d recommended for a family with four boys. Two restaurants came up: Captains Galley II and Fish Tales. Captain’s Galley II We liked this restaurant because there was zero wait time […]

Mum of Boys Humor

Mum of boys: you must have a sense of humor

Today I laughed and laughed about a blog post I came across with ten helpful prerequisites to being a mum of boys. I laughed at all 10 because this is my life, I know them all. Funnier still is that this blog is called Fighting Off Frumpy. My favorite part of Rita’s About Me post […]

Family Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings

buffalo wild wings

This week was supposed to be spring break and a vacation in Ocean City. Sadly we had to cancel, so as a special treat after working hard and doing endless laundry, I asked the boys to take me for a surprise late lunch. They chose a restaurant called Buffalo Wild Wings, (Quarry Road in Downington, PA). As […]