Why I Created the Comeback Mom Program

Joanne Lang: comeback mom programAs summer time approaches and the kids schedules are, once again changing, I recognize how thankful I am for how flexible our team has made AboutOne as a working environment. I have been thinking a lot about the Comeback Mom program I started and why it was so important to me.

Recently I shared in a post about our family friendly workplace, “this program is about more than hiring someone who has a break in her resume; our whole work culture is built around this concept of flexibility. For example, one of the dads on our team works at home two days a week to be with his small baby. Another dad leaves in the afternoon to do the school run and other school events. One of the moms on our team regularly visits her daughter in another state and works remotely from that location. Another mom works from home so she can be there with her small children.”

Knowing that I needed flexibility with my own schedule as a mom allowed me to create a company that gave everyone that same “catch your breath” comfort.
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