Is Creative Networking Possible?

Creative NetworkingOne of the more challenging parts of being within a tech startup is finding creative networking solutions. Most of the people I talk to and work with every day are within the same industry. While this is great for one aspect of networking, what happens if you want to branch out? How do you find a way to network that makes sense for you?

In my latest Diary of a Startup post on Region’s Business I was asked:

“I don’t have time to network properly. Do you have any tips or tricks on networking or how to meet new people that work in the same space as me?”

Earlier this year I wrote a great deal about traditional networking, actually I called it “networking on steroids”. This month I thought it would be valuable to discuss nontraditional ways to network: creative networking.

I am a big believer in giving back and I’ve found that volunteering often allows me to network in a very nice and low-key way because the focus is on working with others to achieve a common goal unrelated to my company.

This year I volunteered to work at CONVERGE, event organized by MedCity News, as a way of thanking them for supporting me as an entrepreneur.

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