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Imagine yourself in the back of an ambulance with your 4-year-old son, terrified and scrambling for a list of his allergies and current medications. The paramedics need the information to help him, but you can’t remember it all.

Because you dropped everything and ran with only your car keys and cell phone.

What then?

This is exactly the scenario that Joanne Lang experienced in 2008. She had the information, but it was stored across a variety of systems including her Aetna insurance  and Walgreens accounts, as well as the filing systems she’d created herself in Outlook, spreadsheets, and a folder in her kitchen. The information just wasn’t where she needed it, when she needed it.

This personal experience is what prompted Joanne to take a risk and leave her safe, comfortable, well-paid job with great benefits to found AboutOne.

Since launching first on stage at VentureBeat’s DEMO Spring 2011, Joanne has raised over $4.5M in funding from famous investors including Ben Franklin SEP,  Golden SeedsMAG, Rees Capital, DeSimone Group, and Novotorium. She was also accepted to the Astia portfolio and DreamIT Ventures.

Joanne is one of only 6% of women who have successfully raised venture capital and part of the even smaller percentage of people in Pennsylvania who have raised most of their money in one state. She feels the fundraising process is too complex and unnecessarily difficult, and her mission is to make this process easier and more understandable for other women. She writes about these topics in Region’s Business, Philadelphia Business Journal, The Huffington Post, and Women 2.0.

Honors & Awards

SMARTCEO Voltage Award Finalist, 2014
START Winner, 2012
Forbes’ Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch, 2011
AWE Fellowship Winner, 2011
Startup Nation Winner, 2010
Dell Founders Club Member

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