Using the AARP Travel App to Find a Family Vacation Location

This year has been one of those incredible and wonderful busy years. As sometimes happens during busy years, certain tasks get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list over and over again until suddenly you realize you are encroaching on past due. It was my turn to pick the family vacation location this year but I had managed to keep moving “research family vacation location” to the bottom of the to-do list.

Three weeks ago my husband asked me what I had decided and it hit me: I had nothing booked! Even beyond having nothing booked, I hadn’t even begun the research.

At AboutOne we have been working with AARP. I remembered their team was raving about their new travel app and I wondered if it could save the day and do the family vacation location research for me.

At the AARP Travel landing page I went to their Trip Finder tool. From there I could select from a list of things I wanted to do on our vacation:
AARP Travel Planning

I invited my children to give me some of their criteria. (Which made me remember I should certainly add “relaxation” as part of my musts!)
AARP Travel Planning

We have a suggestion engine within the AboutOne app so it is always exciting to watch other companies use suggestion features within their apps. The AARP Travel app took in all of the information I provided and suggested Chincoteague Island in Virginia.

What would have taken me hours to research was now instantly and perfectly suggested to me.

Chincoteague Island would be about a 3.5 hour road-trip for my family from our home in PA. The Island was known to the Indians as “beautiful land across the water”.

I looked up details about the Island and started to get excited about how spot on it was for my family:
• the transportation of choice on the island is bicycle
• day trips possible to Assateague Island with roaming ponies
• the island is a wild life refuge
• it’s only 7 miles long with wide sandy beaches
We could rent a boat, sight-see to a lighthouse, go hiking, biking; and the thing my children love most, eat out.

Since I am not old enough to be a member of AARP, I could not take advantage of their hotel discounts. (If you are an AARP member this is a great bonus!) It was then up to me and my normal method of research to look up hotels that would work at this family vacation location. I found the Rodeway Inn, a three star hotel with good ratings. It had everything we needed: a pool, gym, wifi, included breakfast, and most importantly it was in a central location for all the things we wanted to see and do.

Using the AARP travel app I found our family vacation location, researched it and then booked a hotel within 10 minutes. I was thrilled to show my family. Stay tuned to see if the AARP suggestion was a good fit for our family.
AARP Travel Planning

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