My first trip to Ocean City Maryland

Ocean City MarylandThis Memorial Day, our family traveled to Ocean City, Maryland for the first time. We stayed at The Carousel, a hotel that was highly recommended for children. We loved the fact that we were able to rent a condo at The Carousel that came with all the amenities of a hotel at a very affordable price (always good when you’re on a budget). We like to save money by making breakfast in our room each morning and with four boys, having a kitchen, washer, and dryer makes life so much easier.

The condo was great. It was spacious and clean, which is all you really need.
Ocean City Maryland

Here’s what I liked most about the hotel:

1. Beach access: you could walk to the beach in minutes, but there were also indoor and outdoor pools (with multiple water sprayers for removing sand from boys before they go back into the room – YAY GENIUS!).

2. Pool bar: we ate here everyday. I thought it was very expensive and not such great food, but it was very easy and convenient.

3. Ice skating rink: I thought this was unusual. We didn’t use this but I can imagine it would be fun in bad weather.

4. Gym: had I known about this, I would have brought exercise clothes.

5. Play area: there was a pirate play ship and a moon bounce – great for the boys.

6. Gift shop: this was very nice, but I found it sad that they no longer sell books because no one buys them anymore – I do hope my children remember what books are as they get older.
Ocean City Maryland

What didn’t I like about the hotel:

1. The outside bathrooms for the beach were disgusting: dirty and two toilets were broken. I didn’t like them at all.

2. The wireless was always down (although this was a blessing in disguise because it forced me to take a break).

All in all, I would recommend this hotel for a family on a budget with plans to visit Ocean City Maryland.
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